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What you'll need for large-scale mushroom growing
This article will tell you about all the different things you'll need if you want to go in for mushroom growing on a large scale. This will take a little trouble, but if you do it right, will ensure that your family always have fresh, organically grown mushrooms, a food both nutritious and exceedingly high in protein. I can see that you're already interested, so let's just cut to the chase. Now mushrooms can take a week or two to grow, or sometimes even more, depending on the richness (or otherwise) of the growth medium.

As such, you'll want to ensure that you have the most mushrooms growing at once, because this means that you'll have a regular supply for your loved ones, or to distribute among acquaintances, or even to put up for sale. You'd be surprised at the amount of people who are interested in buying fresh, organically grown mushrooms. Now the first thing you need to arrange is a room in which to do your growing. Don't put this right in your home if you're going to do some large scale growing, though the basement might be an acceptable place if you can maintain the temperature.

At this stage of mushroom growing, you need to make sure that the temperature remains within ten degrees of fifty five degrees Fahrenheit, so if your basement gets much colder than that, you'd have problems growing mushrooms there. If you can maintain the temperature, however, it might be an ideal place to grow mushrooms. If you have an outhouse, garage, or barn, they might also be nice places in which to grow mushrooms. There's one more thing that's needed besides a stable temperature range, and that is an absence of light. Mushrooms don't like light, period, so if you choose a place that you can keep completely dark, they'll be more likely to grow successfully.

Lastly, you need to keep the wind out - mushrooms don't like winds either, especially if they carry any chill along with them, and if you put them in windy places, don't be surprised to find your mushrooms dying after a draught. However, you can just put them in closed boxes with removable lids, and if you do this, they should be fine so long as you maintain the temperature and humidity. Mushrooms in the early stages of growing love lots of water, though once they sprout you'll need to push back on the humidity a little. Spores, growth medium and even trays to plant mushrooms in are available everywhere, and mushroom growing is very much easier than most people think.

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